Why Getting a Good Night’s Sleep is Good for You


When we make our resolutions to lose weight, or eat a better diet, drink more water, take our medicine, get more exercise and stay fit or do whatever we feel will make us healthier, we usually focus on what we have to give up.  Watch any television show about losing weight, and the cliché scene happens early on when the trainer or nutritionist cleans out the cabinets with one big sweep of the arm.  They’ll go through and toss all kinds of dairy products, white bread, flour, potatoes, rice, cheese and other no-no’s.  They focus on what you can’t have and can’t do that they miss an important ingredient that you can and should have lots more of, and that’s rest and sleep.  One of the first things people will tell you when they start to diet is that they felt so good and had so much energy, they cleaned out the garage, packed up their old clothes, or put a roof on the house.  What they fail to do many times is shut off their electronic devices and get some shut eye.

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