Top 6 Facial Treatments That are Worth Trying This Summer


Just the thought of summers excites us, the idea of an exotic holiday in Malibu, sweet coconut in Bali, and who can forget the cocktail parties and funky outfits. But what about the skin? the good tan turning into the bad pigmentation, acne and breakouts, Well, that’s why we are here. Time to show some love to your skin with these 5 most sought after facial treatments of summer 2019.


HydraFacial is an empowering treatment that can be given in as meager as 30 minutes. It conveys long haul skin health and can be custom fitted to meet the particular needs of all skin composes. The HydraFacial treatment expels dead skin cells and concentrates pollutants while at the same time showering the new skin with purifying hydrating and saturating serums. The treatment is mitigating, reviving, mild and promptly compelling.

MicroNeedling Treatment

It’s not just mood that gets rough, your skin gets dull and lifeless too. Microneedling is a process in which micro needles create tiny controlled injuries into the skin stimulating the skin’s natural healing process. Microneedling encourages elasticity and collagen production in the skin, making it appear healthier, firmer and younger looking.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are tremendously popular these days. But if you are not in good hands, chances are they’ll not be able to customize a peel according to your skin needs.

Our expert aestheticians will determine your skin needs and choose your chemical peel accordingly. So grab your phone, make an appointment now at Nita Med Spa Houston

Derma Planning Facial

No matter how much you love sitting in the sun, you can always get a blemished skin. Thanks to our Derma Planning Facial, your sun damaged skin will be exfoliated in just a couple of sessions. Get ready to be refreshed with Derma Planning Facial.

Seaweed Facial

If acne is your worst enemy, this facial treatment is just the right one for you. With its antimicrobial properties, Seaweed can drastically reduce acne while preventing them from resurfacing.

Vitamin C Facial

If you think a kiwi and strawberry smoothie can give you enough Vitamin C, you’re wrong. Vitamin C is extremely beneficial for skin, bringing out a youthful glow and radiance in the skin. That’s why the Vitamin C facial is one of the most recommended facial treatments of the summer. So give your skin some refreshing care with our Vitamin C facial.


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