Top 3 Reasons Why a Clinton Dentist Would Recommend Dental Implants


Like most people living in Clinton, Maryland, you love to have a wonderful smile to show off your healthy teeth. However, in some cases, this is not always possible. You may notice cavities appearing on them despite regular cleaning after eating.  You could also suffer from various forms of gum diseases but you may not know it until you visit a dentist. In worst-case scenario, you could also lose a tooth because of an accident. Such issues can have an adverse effect on health of your jawbone. In such a situation, dental experts may recommend you opt to take dental implants.

Why does a proficient Clinton dentist recommend dental implants to his/her patients?

Such professionals explain that most people do not know the special role their teeth play in ensure their jawbone remains healthy. Every time you chew your food or have a conversation, signals are send from your teeth. This is to make sure your jawbone remains strong. However, when you start losing your teeth this is not possible. In such case, a dentist may insert titanium screws in the places where you lose your teeth to replace the roots. On top of such screws they place crowns to ensure they look like real teeth. A proficient Clinton dentist may suggest their patients opt for such treatments for the following 3 important reasons:

  • Prevent your teeth moving to the empty spaces

When you lose a tooth for any reason, the surrounding ones move to occupy the empty spaces. With time, this can result in serious dental problems. You will find it harder to clean your remaining teeth because of the uneven spacing. However, installing a dental implant in the empty spaces can prevent this from happening. Moreover, you find it easier to clean your teeth.

  • Protect your jawbone and enhance appearance

Some people opt to install a bridge in the places where they lose their teeth rather than a dental implant. However, most dental experts against taking this course of action. They point out that it will cause the jawbone to deteriorate with time. This is because it does not receive necessary stimulations from the tooth root. This same thing occurs when patients choose to insert dentures. However, dental implants help to restore the integrity of the jawbone. This goes a long way in improving their appearance of such patients after the treatment. Moreover, they usually do have any difficulty chew their food, smiling or taking to others.

  • Less complications

People who choose to insert dentures in places where they lose their teeth often suffer from post treatment complications. Such problems could be in the form of sores or sunken lips. In some cases, they even have difficulties chewing their food. This is not the case with dental implants.

The above 3 reasons make it clean that dental implants can go a long way in improving your appearance and protecting your jaw bone. However, you need to consult a proficient Clinton dentist before undergoing the treatment. Only such an expert can recommend the right course of action for you to take keeping in mind your best interests.


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