Tips To Lead A Healthier Sex Life


Sexual intercourse or sex is an important part of every person’s life, especially for married couples. In fact, data have shown that some couples separate because of lack of sex. That is because a lot of people think that sex is no longer as vital as it was when they were still starting their relationships. However, the importance of sex for people at the middle age and older has been proven by an AARP study, titled “Sexuality at Midlife and Beyond.” The results showed that 83.33% of the respondents do not believe that sex is just for the young ones. Additionally, 60% stated that sex is a vital part of healthy relationships. Another reason for a lack of sex is that some people are more focused on the other responsibilities like raising a child and saving money for the future. Some individuals also become conscious of their body that it was they no longer want to be naked in front of their husband or wife. The physical changes, including erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness, therefore, greatly affect some people. Such is due to the fact they no longer feel great about themselves. Similarly, some individuals are distracted by their career, social, and personal problems.

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Many experts suggest that people should try to resolve these problems so that they can have a healthy sex life no matter how old they get. One thing that they may be helpful is for them to continuously open communicate with their partners. Understanding what the need of the other, rather than assuming, will make compromise everything. Nevertheless, if the problem has been there for a very long time, seeking the help of a professional is a great move. Relationship and sex counselors will not just fix the “bed” problem but also the mental and emotional damages of an individual. In addition, people should always strive to gain the confidence that they have when they were still younger, that is accepting the fact that they have already grown older but are still attractive as long as they see themselves as one. One may use additional enhancement products such as bathmate after reading user reviews at .

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Further, couples who want to continue to have a healthy sex life, no matter how old they are, should work together as a couple. They should have an understanding of what is going on with their partners’ bodies. Realizing that such changes are uncontrollable and normal will make them see their partner as an attractive individual. Likewise, they should always see to it that they make their partner feel good about themselves. They should be the first ones to give their partners praises. Through such, their partner may become as confident as he or she was at a young age.

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