Thailand – A Hub for Affordable Liposuction Procedures


Liposuction in Thailand has become a booming business over the past decades, resulting in nearly 10000 liposuction procedures done annually.  Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure done in order to remove fat from body areas such as thigh, buttock, abdomen, hips etc. The fat is removed by a thin tube called Cannula which sucks the fat from the body. Liposuction is also one of the most performed cosmetic surgeries in the world.

Good Quality in Affordable Price

The average cost of Liposuction in Thailand is 2130$ which is comparatively cheaper than other countries such as USA, Canada or U.K. etc where the average cost is 3400$ or higher. This makes Thailand one of the favorable places for liposuction procedures. In the past few decades, medical tourism in Thailand has really exploded, leading to steady influx of foreigners coming to get affordable treatment. Thailand gives tough competition in this field to its Asian rivals India and Singapore.

In 2002 Thailand became the first country in Asia to achieve JCI accreditation and the number of medical facilities who have been accredited as of now are 66 which is significantly higher than India and Singapore. The hospitals in Thailand performing Liposuction procedures provide quality services and good results. The doctors and nurses are highly trained and experienced in doing such procedures. The doctors have mostly received education in western nations and speak English which becomes a plus point in communicating with foreigners. The experience of the patients who have gone for Liposuction in Thailand are mostly positive and they give good reviews about the place.


Advanced Liposuction procedures such as Vaser Liposuction which uses ultrasound technology to break down fat cells, Laser Liposuction which uses laser technology to break down fat cells are also carried out in addition to traditional Liposuction procedures. It is a favorable destination for people because there are more than a couple dozen of hospitals or clinics which specialize in doing Liposuction procedures and people can choose whoever meets their criteria. The experience of the patient varies from places to places but most of them seem to be satisfied with the results and services they have received. The number of people who are going to Thailand for Liposuction procedures is increasing every year.

But with the increasing number of procedures being done, not everyone gets the desired results and there are always a few cases of botched surgery. That can’t be helped as it seems to happen in every country. Liposuction being a surgical procedure, there are always risk involved though the chances of death in Liposuction is 1 in 1000, but it’s still there. Despite everything, people are flocking to Thailand to get Liposuction done in order to look their best.

Liposuction in Thailand is a lucrative market generating millions and hospitals, clinics are cashing in on it. The total number of tourists that came to Thailand in 2018 was 38.27 million and this number is expected to rise in 2019 to 41 million, nearly 35 – 40% of the tourists come to Thailand seeking medical treatment, generating a lot of money for country. Though Thailand is still a long way from major players in field of cosmetic surgery like USA, Brazil, South Korea but it is steadily inching closer and surging as a hub for Liposuction procedures.

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