How Does Stress Affect Male Sexual Function?


Erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men, which unfortunately, often remains untreated. Many ED patients prefer to simply embrace it as a new part of their lives and learn to deal with it. However, in most cases, the problem of ED can be resolved, and its symptoms can be relieved. If you have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, do not hesitate to purchase the prescribed medications, as they should make your sexual life significantly more enjoyable. You can find the detailed information about any medicine you need from here:

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by two types of factors: physiological and psychological. Physiological ED is normally a consequence of a physical health disorder, while psychological ED is closely connected to the mental well-being of a man. Stress belongs to psychological factors, and it is a rather powerful inhibitor of sexual function.

How Can Stress Contribute to Sexual Dysfunction?

Stress is normal for human beings, serving as a signal that calls for alertness and concentration. Our bodies have special defence mechanisms that help us deal with stress naturally and effectively. However, when stress becomes regular, the body is no longer able to cope with it. As a consequence, stress starts affecting other systems within the body, preventing them from functioning as they should.

A man’s ability to develop and maintain an erection is attributed to a complex chain of different processes, which take place on the chemical, biological and neurological level. Sexual stimulators have to be perceived and correctly interpreted, signals have to be transmitted from the penis to the brain and vice versa, and finally, an impressive number of chemical reactions have to occur for an erection to be achieved. Naturally, the malfunction of almost any system within the body can lead to a disruption in the sequence of processes that contribute to an erection.

Erectile dysfunction is only one of the ways in which excessive stress causes damage to the body. For instance, people who are under a lot of stress tend to have hypertension or high cholesterol levels, which eventually contribute to sexual disorders in men. The situation can turn into a vicious circle, as erectile difficulties are a delicate subject for many men and their persistence can become a constant source of further stress. Men are likely to fear experiencing ED during intercourse, which often results in attempts to avoid any sexual contact at all. The relationship is bound to suffer from such fears, and in the long run, stress-related ED can become the cause behind many other stressful situations. It is important to break this cycle before its consequences become overwhelming.

What Can Be Done?

If you consider your levels of stress to still be manageable, you can try to deal with it on your own. Determine the sources of stress in your life and do your best to eliminate them. Sometimes, a discussion of your problems with your partner, friend, or family member can help you understand what can be done about your situation. Should you find it hard or impossible to cope with all the stress and anxiety, the best solution for your problems would be seeking professional medical help. You could be prescribed special medications to reduce stress levels, advised to have psychological counselling, or to change your lifestyle habits: stop smoking, drink less alcohol, eat healthier food and work out more.

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