Steroids and resistance training


Testosterone is a hormone primarily associated with sex. They are basically found in both men and women. But it is men who have them at higher levels. Testosterone controls physical appearance in men. There are many reasons when the testosterone level may either get higher or lower than the amount that is essential. When any individual faces hormonal imbalance then he or she may face medical and health issues. The lower level of testosterone may cause a poor erection, lower sperm count, and enlarged breasts. Lower testosterone also redefines the muscle size and structure, bone strength, lesser energy etc. People with testosterone level imbalance often tend to depend on pills and medication that help them with better performance and good looks. The effects of such medications or steroids are good when combined with resistance training.

Testosterone is normally created by the human body itself and is directed and monitored by pituitary glands and hypothalamus. In instances when the body doesn’t develop ample amount of the hormone, then one takes the help of drugs or steroids prescribed by a doctor. These steroids or drugs come in various form, one can inject them into their or take oral pills or maybe get some therapy using bio-identical testosterone. Usage of many steroid products those are illegal in many countries. There are people who are interested in bodybuilding and keeping their body in shape tend to buy such medicine through sources like the black market or underground labs.

Resistance training is a form of training that is usually connected with weight training. These kinds of training, toning are activities that require one to use the means of resistance to increase the strength and muscle size of the body. The most common means of acquiring such a result is weight lifting, most precisely with the help of barbells or dumb bells etc. when steroids combined with resistance training has many benefits, such as:

Toned body

When you are a person suffering from low level of testosterone then your body shape tends to disappoint you. But when you take testosterone steroids and pills prescribed to you by your doctor, it helps your body physics. The combination of the drug and resistance training helps you with achieving firm, strong and sculpted muscles. The muscles don’t only look good but are healthy too.

Strong muscles

Resistance training is a means of achieving increased muscle strength which helps in more functionality. Steroids with the combination of weight training help in forming better postures and shape of the muscle. The stronger your muscle is the more flexible your movements are.

Healthy bones

People with the lower testosterone levels often complain of bone issues. Drugs that manage the level of the hormone help in maintaining the bone density and strength. When a person practices regular resistance with regards exercise and food helps one to maintain the bone mass and the imbalance of osteoporosis. Medical experts state that the people above 30 tend to have lesser bone mass and testosterone levels, to maintain that one needs to exercise regularly and take the help of a drug advised by one’s doctor.

Everything in this come in pairs, everything has an advantage and a disadvantage attached to it. Likewise, an excess amount of resistance training or testosterone drug is unhealthy for the human body.

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