Signs of Poor Packaging


As a business owner, you must properly secure every package that you send out to clients. Any issues with that packaging can result in contents that spill and damage other items as well as damage the original contents. This can cost you a lot of money in refunds that you issue and other money that you pay out. You can look for some of the common signs of poor packaging before sending out an item.

Leakage Issues

A common sign that you have packaging problems is when you experience leakage issues. Leaking can occur when you put any type of liquid in the package without properly securing it first. Even something such as a bottle of wine can tip over and leak inside the box. Not only can leaks damage the contents inside the package, but the liquid can also cause significant damage to anything near that package.

Damaged Contents

There is nothing worse than buying something online and eagerly waiting for it to arrive, only to find that it comes broken in pieces. Many companies actually test their shipping providers and packagers to see how well they package and ship items. They arrange to have items shipped to other facilities and see what it looks like when it arrives. You can do the same thing with excepted quantity testing to make sure that every item and product you ship arrives to your customers in perfect condition.

Customer Complaints

It’s also important that you offer your customers and clients some way to give feedback. You can create a form on your website that they can fill out to post their complaints and issues anonymously, but you might want to set up a customer service number that they can call to. This lets you talk with them and give them a solution to their unique problems. Customers will often complain about any packaging issues they had, including items that arrived broken and those that came in boxes that were crushed or otherwise damaged. When multiple customers complain about the same things, you know that you have an issue with poor packaging.

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