Platelet Rich Plasma and Microneedling Treatments


When it comes to the process of microneedling, the whole process can sound needlessly complex. Through the use of microneedling, though, we can often make huge improvements to everything from the age spots to wrinkling to hyperpigmentation of the skin. However, one particularly popular form of microneedling which has become apparent is microneedling carried out using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments.

This is a particular form of treatment that is aimed at facial adjustments and improvements. It has quickly become a popular form of treatment,( especially in the Los Angeles, California area which is known worldwide for its interest in cosmetic surgery) aimed at helping to improve the quality of our skin. This treatment, though, can look quite odd as it leaves you with a face covered in droplets blood, essentially. With current technology, though, when PRP is used it only leaves you with a mild form of redness across the whole face.

It might look odd, but it can offer a great way to help put an end to any growing signs of aging. Around the eyes, tissues are 90-percent more sensitive than in other areas of the human body. With the use of PRP these tissues around the eyes can be rejuvenated to a more youthful appearance. Dark circles, fine lines, crow’s feet, under eye hollows and wrinkles can be removed and hydrated for a more vibrant appearance.

PRP is known as a natural method to produce new collagen for your skin and around your eyes. It can stimulate hair follicles promoting new hair to grow and also promote thicker hair where it may be thinning.

You do need to be in good overall health for this to be considered, though, so anyone with chronic illness might need to undergo some form of evaluation to determine just how suitable they are to undergoing this particular form of treatment.


Who cannot receive PRP Microneedling treatment?

At the moment, it is recommend that anyone who is pregnant, suffering from acne, scars easily, suffers from eczema or rosacea, or has undergone skin radiation treatment in the last year avoids this particular form of treatment. However, we recommend that you speak to your doctor about this as you could still be cleared to undergo PRP treatment.

The cost of PRP ranges from $2,000 – $4,500 depending upon location and provider. One such expert provider offers PRP in Los Angeles with excellent results and in a cost effective manner. The results, though, tend to last for a long time and does offer good value relative to other more expensive, more invasive surgeries.

Should I get PRP Microneedling treatment?

That really does depend on you personally. The fact that t it is less invasive than other treatments, though, does make it a go-to treatment for a lot of people. It is a popular form of aging treatment and recovery is quick providing very little downtime.

PRP microneedling, then, is well worth your consideration. Relatively affordable compared to other treatments of a similar kind, it does a spectacular job of making sure you look and feel better about your own skin.

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