Natural Skin Care Tips


Clearing up your skin as quickly as possible is something every acne-sufferer may want. But the key is to be patient and habitually follow your routines, presuming your routine is working for your skin. It won’t happen overnight.

But what are some tips to continue naturally caring for your skin? I’m glad you asked!

First, throw away any products that are harsh on your skin. Natural skin care products which contain glycolic acids, lots of rubbing alcohol, and/or toxic retinols could be hurting you more than you think. That’s right, you can ask your mom to stop putting Oxypads in the shopping cart.

Next, make sure you use natural, organic products that do not contain parabens. Products with many chemicals are something to avoid.

Ignore marketing and advertisers, and those darn pushy kiosk sellers looking for commission in your local mall. Your pimply face is not much concern to these money-hungry people. Instead, make sure to research your natural skin care ingredients.

Skin Care

Also do the same with your food! Fast food (aka: Grease) is bad for your health, bad for your face, and I heard fast food places don’t like puppies – Ok, I made that last one up. But the other two points are true! Try to follow a smarter diet. A little nibble cheat is ok once in a while. Steer clear from sugar and carbs, too.

While eyeing those ingredients, you should pay attention to foods with antioxidants. No, no, no, don’t run from them! Antioxidants are great natural skin care ingredients for anti-aging. You want them, in your foods and as topical creams.

Speaking of creams, look for eye creams that use malic acid for under your eyes. It’ll be quite exfoliating.

Finally, just clean your face. I’m not just saying that as if you haven’t been told by a bajillion people already who act like you’re just unhygenic. Wash your face before bed especially in order to get rid of excess dirt and oils. Do so in the morning too, of course! But at night, you don’t want all that excessive stuff resting on you for hours as you sleep.

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