People say that anesthesiologists, like Dr. Robert St. Thomas, “get paid for putting people to sleep.” So is that your dream, passion or would you want to get paid for such tasks> Then you should consider taking up a career in anesthesiology. You should note that your work as an anesthesiologist would be much more than putting people to sleep. You will work alongside physicians to provide pain relief and care to maternity and surgical patients.

You’ll be faced with the task of continually monitoring and assessing vital signs such as breathing rate and heartbeat during surgical operations. You will also help to comfort patients in the intensive care unit, and women who are giving birth. Of course, there are chances that you’ll make lots of friends in the maternity ward, both for the help you render in minimizing noise and relief from pain.

Can I be rich as an anesthesiologist?

Reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has it that surgeons and physicians earn the highest among all professionals. An anesthesiologist falls into this category of professionals. An anesthesiologist earns an average of $269, 600 annually. The least is $70.00 an hour, or $146, 310 per annum. This implies that as an anesthesiologist, you stand a higher chance of earning more than $100, 000 yearly.

What factors influences the take-home pay for an anesthesiologist?

Just like any other profession, so many factors determine what an anesthesiologist takes home at the end of the day. The most influential factors are:

  • The number of years you’ve been practicing
  • Your location of practice
  • The condition of the medical environment you work in

For instance, a Kansas-city based anesthesiologist is likely to make less than an anesthesiologist working in New York or California.

The availability of jobs?

There is a good employment outlook in the field of anesthesiology. It is estimated that there will be a 15 percent growth in employment of anesthesiologists in the coming years. With the rapid growth in the healthcare field, the increase in the number of elders, there will be need for health-care related positions. So there’s no need to worry about unemployment. As an anesthesiologist, you stand a very high chance of being gainfully employed after school and repaying your student loans.

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