How to Get Your Dog to Take a Pill or Supplement


Anyone who thinks that giving a dog a pill or supplement is easy is someone who never tried it before. Dogs tend to avoid anything that is unfamiliar or different. Even if you buy a new bag of treats, it may take a few minutes before your dog checks out the treat and examines its smell before eating that treat. If you simply hand over a small pill, the dog may completely ignore it or put the pill in its mouth and then spit it right back out again. When you get a little sneaky, you can trick your dog and get it to take its medication.

Break the Pill

Depending on the size of the pill, you may find it helpful to break the pill into smaller pieces. Place the pill in a small bag, remove as much air as possible and hit the bag a few times with a heavy book, a hammer or even a pill. You can then sprinkle the pieces right on your dog’s food. As the dog is familiar with its food, your pet might chow down without realizing you slipped in something new.

Use Wet Food

Getting your dog to swallow a pill that you mix into dry food is almost impossible. As soon as that new flavor reaches its taste buds, the chances are good that the dog will spit it out. You may walk into the room later and find that pill sitting at the bottom of an empty food bowl. When you use wet food, especially food with a strong odor, hiding that pill is a lot easier. Your dog will be so excited about chomping down on that delicious food that it doesn’t realize it ate something new.

Make a Game

If using food doesn’t work for your dog, you can use treats to make pill time a fun little game. Supplements like cetyl m for dogs are roughly the same size as some popular treats. Let your dog have fun catching the treats that you toss in the air. After giving out a few treats, replace one with the pill or supplement. Immediately throw another treat into the air. This distracts your pet and makes the dog focus more on the treats than on the pills. Using any of these sneaky treats can help you get your dog to take any supplement or pill with ease.

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