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Falling ill is never fun, however, it happens to all of us at some time in our lives.  When we become ill with a disease or a condition we realise how much we take for granted our usual good health.  Becoming ill is inconvenient and can cause loss of income, problems in the workplace and it can increase tension within a family. Therefore, it is important to get on a path to recovery as soon as possible in order to restore balance to our lives.

The first course of action for many people is to go and see a doctor for professional medical help and advice.  Although, a good number of people are very reluctant to go to the doctor and instead will just suffer with the condition or health problem hoping in vain that it will go away on its own.  This behaviour of putting your head in the sand when a medical condition arises can be caused by a number of things. Firstly, it might be due to lack of motivation – an unmotivated sick person might simply not feel liking arranging an appointment with their doctor. Secondly, it could be due to the fact that a doctor’s visit will cost them money that they cannot afford. Thirdly, the person might live in a location where access to a doctor is not easy or close.  Finally, the illness or condition might be of an embarrassing nature and the patient might simply be unwilling to share their medical situation with another person who could perhaps be a family doctor or know the person’s friends.

So, what else can you do if you fall ill and you don’t want to or are unable to see a doctor? Well, you can turn to the internet for help.  There are now a number of established and comprehensive medical websites which give advice and information on a very wide range of medical conditions, illnesses, genetic diseases and generic health problems.  Some websites like How’s Health have detailed articles on each condition covering the full gambit of information that you might need on your illness from a simple definition to causes, symptoms and potential treatments that might exist for your condition.  These health articles are complete with pictures of conditions, photos of examples and explanatory diagrams so that you can identify your illness and understand it’s nature. Of course, there is no substitute for professional medical help and these websites should not be considered as an equivalent option to seeing a medical professional.  They need to be taken as purely an informational guide and not as direct recommendation on the course of action you should take. They can help guide you and ease your mind and decide on the next step in the comfort of your own home, in privacy and without having to divulge sensitive information to a third party.  So next time you have a skin rash, sore tongue, stiff neck or sour taste in your mouth take a look at a health site and learn a little before you decide if you need to take further action.

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