Friendly Reminders Before Your Eyelid Surgery To Help Fasten Scar’s Healing Time


If you think that you can only speed up eyelid surgery recovery time after the procedure, you’re wrong. The rate of recovery can also be improved through some pre-surgical measures. Read on to find out some of the preparatory steps that you need to follow before you undergo a droopy eyelid fix in Sydney.

What’s the Essence of eyelid surgery?

For your additional information, eyelid surgery is a very effective procedure as it can significantly enhance the skin’s appearance. Also, less pain can only be experienced during the procedure. The best thing is that the result can be seen in just a matter of day or two after the operation. Adjustments are possible after a couple of years to further correct the appearance of the taut. Some measures before the surgery can help you fasten the eyelid surgery scar healing time.

Getting yourself more than ready

Set an appointment with your eye surgeon. A reputed surgeon will completely discuss what you can expect before and after eye surgery. During the session, the doctor will also evaluate medical history and undertake comprehensive eye checkup. Likely, the initial test may include pupil dilation, air pressure, corneal mapping, refraction, thickness and corneal measuring. After the initial primary evaluation, the surgeon will discuss the findings and recommendation as well as the cost.

Eat light meals before going to your eye surgeon. Be sure to eat meals that are light and take the medications prescribed. For women, wearing make-up and other accessories are not ideal as this can interfere with the procedure. This procedure is easy and no need for you to worry as long as the eye surgeon is expert.

Take prescribed eye drops. After the procedure, the eyes will dry temporarily even though you won’t feel them. Your physician will give eye drops prescription to prevent inflammation and infection. Special eye drops are also used to keep the moisture of your eyes.

What’s the cost?

Eyelid surgery cost usually depends on the state where the procedure is done. This may vary also depending on the eye surgeon’s expertise in the field. High-end technologies such as eyelid surgery advices actually play a great factor when it comes to the cost. Typically, the cost of eyelid surgery in Australia is about $2,874. If you want to get the best result, it is best to select a reputable eye surgeon to assure that everything is taken care of. To cut the expenses, you can avail plastic surgery for eye bags in Sydney with the help of your medicare.

Are there Risks?

Although there are many benefits of eyelid surgery, there are also several risks associated with it. One of the drawbacks of this procedure is the possible difficulty of closing the upper lid especially if too much skin has been taken off. Eyelid surgery is a typically complicated procedure and problems may occur especially under the hand of an inexperienced surgeon. Also, the patient can experience issues during the upper eyelid lifting recovery time and can even make the eyes get drier. Worse, it can lead to permanent eye vision, though it is just a rare case.

The eye serves to be the most vital sense organ, hence it is essential to give the best of care. If you are suffering from sagging skin, and to no avail to conventional treatments, the best resort is to undergo an advanced eyelid surgery.

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