Flat Feet Treatments And Therapy


Today, many people suffer from low arches or flat feet, and there are also many ways to fix the problem. If you look at the Orthotic Solutions Podiatry Sydney, you will see that they have found a way to thoroughly help your problem and make your walking painless.

Flat feet

When a person has a fallen arch in their foot, one or even both feet may be flat on the ground, the shoes you wear will look uneven especially on one of the sides, or you may notice that those shoes wear out quite fast. Many people who have flat feet will not have any symptoms but some of them might experience pain in their feet or even their back, which all depends on the cause.

Flat feet can happen at any age, but it usually corrects itself over time when it occurs in children


Flat feet symptoms can vary and they usually depend on the severity of your condition. Some people will have an uneven distribution of their weight, and that can cause the heel of your shoes to wore out much faster or one of the sides. One of the most common flat feet symptom is the pain, and it may occur not just in your feet, but also in connecting ligaments and muscles.

It may also appear in:

–    Inner side of your ankle

–    Arch of your feet

–    Calf

–    Knee

–    Back

–    Lower leg area

–    Hip

Treatment and drugs

If your flat feet do not cause pain, then no treatment will be necessary, however, you can still have therapy to correct the way you walk. If your flat feet are painful, your podiatrist might suggest one of the following:

  1. Arch supports, also known as orthotics

You have many over-the-counter orthotics that can be bought at any drug store today, but you also have the more “fancy” ones that also cost more. These orthotic devices are meant to help your feet stand on the ground properly and correct the way you walk. The custom-made orthotics are more expensive, but in some cases, they are necessary.

  1. Stretching exercises

Some people who have flat feet will also have the shortened achilleas tendon. There are some simple exercises that could help you leave the pain and even correct the way you walk, stand and run; making your daily routine painless.

There are many stretches and exercises you can do at home

  1. Supportive shoes

With today’s options, you can get supportive shoes that can be more comfortable than sandals or even your usual shoes. In addition, they will correct the way your feet touch the ground on impact, and make it less painful when you walk.

  1. Physical therapy

Flatfeet might be the result in some athletes who overuse injuries, especially runners. A physical therapist will then do a video analysis of how you run, which will help him detect the problem and prescribe the best therapy or treatment.


When you have surgery, that will not be done just to correct your flatfeet, but you might have the procedure that is going to help you with an associated problem, such as a tendon tear or rupture. You also have many home remedies that will surely help you out.

Final word

There are different types of flat feet treatment plans, and if you think you suffer from low arches in your legs, then you should visit your podiatrist and find a solution. Even if you do not feel pain, you can do daily exercises that will help you stand correctly, and on top of that you will be surprised how affordable the podiatrist cost and expenses are today.

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