Enjoy the Health Benefits of E-Cigarettes


An electronic cigarette will offer you everything that you already enjoy about your traditional tobacco products without any of the controversial health effects or the discomfort of standing out in the cold for a smoke. Although many areas of Australia, in particular public buildings such as restaurants and schools, do ban “vaping” or using electronic cigarettes on the property, you have much more freedom as to where you may enjoy your electronic cigarette. Since these devices use atomisers and not combustion to produce the smoke or vapour, they are not subject to cigarette laws that prohibit the use of such products.


A word that many people shy away from saying out loud, cancer is something that absolutely anyone of any age, background, and class may develop without warning. That said, there are a number of cancers considered to be highly preventable, such as lung and throat cancer caused by the regular consumption of tobacco, which is a known carcinogen. Once you make the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, you will drop your risk of a heart attack by 50% after the first year and that percentage will continue to rise with each year that you continue to inhale vapour instead of tobacco ash.

Your Lungs

Smoke is certainly no good for your lungs, no matter if you breathe in the smoke from a campfire or the smoke of a traditional tobacco product such as a cigar. The fact of the matter is that even if tobacco did not contain 71 known carcinogens, smoke is the mass collection of tiny particles released into the air that are no longer dense enough to sink through the atmosphere. When you breathe in smoke, you collect ash and other particles in the lining of your lungs, which will reduce their capabilities over time and collectively lead to a number of health issues in the long run.

No Ash

Electronic devices never produce a flame or burn anything to create the vapour breathed in from the device; instead, they use atomisers to vaporise the liquid, commonly called e-liquid, found inside. Not only will you see a dramatic increase in the quality of your life after the switch but you will never need to worry about finding an ashtray or going outside to avoid making a mess. No amount of using your new electronic cigarette will produce any ash at all, also saving you from the clinging odour of tobacco that will forever catch onto your hair, skin, and clothing so long as you smoke tobacco.


The odour associated with tobacco products is also no longer a problem, especially once you discover just how many amazing e-liquid flavours exist. No matter if you want something comfortably familiar such as menthol or something completely new such as mocha, you never need to worry about the lasting smell of tobacco again. The vapour released from the device will quickly dissipate and any scent observed by you or those around you will be slightly sweet in nature and then disappear forever because vapour will never linger.

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