Days And Weeks After Surgery


After you have surgery to lose weight, you might think that you’ll start dropping pounds within a few weeks of the procedure. While you can expect to lose quite a bit of weight right after having surgery as your body adjusts to not being able to consume as many calories, you won’t see a significant drop in your weight loss that will get you to your goal weight overnight. It will take work on your part to reach the goals that you have and to maintain them.

After you have gastric bypass in Hialeah, it’s important to get as much protein in your diet as possible. This will keep your energy levels up while supporting your muscles as well. Avoid drinking sodas and sugary drinks because these are just empty calories and can fill your stomach with air from the carbonation, preventing you from eating healthy foods that your body needs for essential vitamins and nutrients.

Try to walk around as much as possible after surgery. This will help to prevent blood clots from forming in your body that can quickly turn to a severe issue. Even though it might be difficult to walk a lot at first, you’ll soon see that it can help with your weight loss. As time goes by, you’ll see more pounds drop off, making it easier to walk and do other exercises.

Listen to everything that your doctor orders. You don’t want to try to do something that could cause any kind of damage to your stomach after surgery. You’ll likely have to see your doctor on a regular schedule for the first few months after surgery so that he can monitor your progress. If there are any concerns or if you experience any kind of pain, you need to let your doctor know because there could be issues from the surgery or from other complications associated with the surgery, such as gallstones that tend to develop after a significant weight loss.

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