Cosmetic Dentistry: What It Is and What Are Its Types


Cosmetic dentistry is a process of professional oral care that helps improve the appearance of your teeth, mouth, and smile. Since they are known to mostly improve the appearance of the teeth, the cosmetic dentistry procedures are usually considered a matter of choice or a leisure element rather than a necessity. However, the services of a cosmetic dentist go beyond that, they will not only help improve the appearance of the teeth but they will improve oral health as well.

If you are suffering from discoloration of the teeth, or a chipped, broken, misshapen, misaligned, or worn tooth, then you can visit the cosmetic dentist to have those issues fixed. It may take one or more of the dentistry procedures which the cosmetic dentist will work out with you.

There different types of cosmetic dentistry to choose from:

Inlays and Onlays

These are the indirect fillings in the teeth. The difference with these treatments is that instead of taking place in the dentist’s office the inlays and onlays are made in the dental laboratories. Inlays are often used when there is mild to moderate level of decaying in the tooth or if there has been a filling and there is not enough teeth remaining to support that filling.


The dental veneers are usually made of the medical-grade ceramic. These veneers are customized to resemble the original teeth of the patient. Veneers are so well-constructed according to the size and shape of the patient’s teeth that they are almost indistinguishable from the real teeth. They help solve a lot of the dental cosmetic problems such as crooked teeth, cracked or damaged enamel, or unwanted gaps between the teeth. They are added to the front of the affected tooth using a dental adhesive.

Composite Bonding

The composite bonding is the process of repairing decayed, damaged, and apparently bad looking teeth using elements that are in close resemblance to the natural enamel of your tooth. The dentist would then carve the composite into a beautiful shape, which later is cured through high-intensity light. This is one of the most inexpensive, which makes it one of the most economical dental procedure for patients.

Teeth whitening

This is the simplest known cosmetic dentistry procedures. This procedure is often recommended to those whose teeth have become stained due to effects of foods, medication, drinks, and personal habits, such as cigarettes, that may wear out the enamel and stain the teeth. The procedure of the teeth whitening will be taking place in your dentist’s office where they will check for any plaques, tartar, or debris present in your teeth and then bleach the teeth, which can be even lighter in color compared to the original teeth.

Dental implants

When a person loses their teeth due to an accident or other such issues, they get dental implants installed to replace the teeth. The dentist will place a small titanium screw inside the jaw, which after bonding with the bone acts as a support to the crown. The crown is then placed upon the screw allowing the implants to fit in perfectly in the line of the natural teeth.

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