Caring for Yourself During Cancer Treatment


>Cancer is an ongoing issue in the health world. With the deterioration of our environment and food production methods, cancer seems to be on the rise. When cancer is found by the doctor, treatment is usually initiated right away. This is an attempt to stop the cancer from spreading, and to kill the cancer that is already present. These treatments usually involve some extent of chemotherapy. When you are undergoing this type of medical care, there are several side effects that can cause severe discomfort. It is important to focus on your overall health during this time, as well. Positive self care is extremely important for cancer patients.


You are going to be a lot more tired than normal. Many people become discouraged when they cannot carry on with their normal daily tasks. Your body is fighting a disease, as well as dealing with the chemicals and radiation from treatment. Rest is the only way for you to recover properly. If you are still going to work or school, try modifying your schedule a bit. Talk to your boss about working from home part of the time, you can also take fewer classes at school. Instead of going out with friends after work, you may need to go home and relax on the couch or go to bed early. Invite friends to come watch a movie with you on the couch or share some takeout food.

Trying to Eat

It can be difficult to remain on a standard diet during chemotherapy. The treatment may make you nauseous. It is still important to try to eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. You may have to work with your doctor to figure out the best way to do this. Many times, this involves getting the nausea under control first. There are some excellent doctors that focus on chemotherapy in Singapore. Your body loses a lot of cells during the treatments. Unlike other times in your life, you may need to focus on gaining weight while fighting cancer. Calories and protein are a daily goal, this is one time you can say yes to milkshakes and burgers.

Get Moving and Get Outside

pYou may be limited in what you can do, however, a little exercise can help you to regain some energy. It can also help to boost your appetite and help to ward off anxiety and depression. Your body also needs a little daily sunshine to remain healthy. The fresh, outdoor air often makes people feel more peaceful. A low-impact walk in the evenings can be therapeutic.

Cancer treatments bring on many challenges. It can be difficult to carry on at work or school when you feel exhausted and nauseous. This is a time when you need to focus on yourself and healing. Self care involves a focus on what your body and mind need. During chemotherapy, this includes a lot of attention to food, you may need to work with a nutritionist to get enough calories and nutrients. Take care to get enough rest, even if you need to skip extra outings. Your healing should be a top priority.

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