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Weight bench has many uses and is very versatile when building a home gym. It is perhaps the most important piece of equipment for your home gym due to its versatility. Think of the numbers and types of exercise you can do on a weight bench, for bodybuilding, strength training and weight lifting.

  1. The CAP Barbell Standard Bench:

Cap barbell standard weight bench and some dumbbells or barbell can be all you need to burn some serious fat. A standard bench press is very effective at developing your chest muscles. Here are few work out to do with it.

*Bench press: This is a great exercise that tones up your arms, chest and to some degree you back. Is one if the big three workouts all weight lifting routines should include, the other two being squats and deadlifts. This workouts is performed by lying on your back and rising the dumbbells vertically from about your under arms straight up, holding that position and then back down.

*Dumbbell row: This is where you put one knee and the hand on the same e weight bench. The side on the other hand has a dumbbell in it and you pull the weight straight up and down in the bent over position. This is great for the back, arms, fore arms and grip strength.

*Dumbbell squats: Stand at the front of your weight bench facing away from it, hold the dumbbells up by your shoulders and proceed to squat. Keeping a straight back until your butts is almost touching the bench, then slowly force yourself back up.

  1. Go- plus Adjustable   Folding Weight Lighting Flat Bench:

For personal fitness training in the home a folding bench is a must have tool, which can help you achieve your personal fitness goals faster. Go plus Adjustable folding bench makes an excellent investment because of its many usefulness and benefits. Chief among the benefits is that, it allows you to maximize your space. Also makes it possible to perform several types of exercise without having to transfer from one bench to the next. You can get a thorough workout fast and not miss steps.

It’s like almost training in the gym club as it allows you to enjoy all the varieties and flexibilities that gym offers. When you are done, you can always fold it up and keep it away. A foldable weight bench allows you to incline, decline or lay flat to exercise.   This   way, you are able to have your entire body by targeting    specific   flabby   or problematic   areas.

It makes work out with dumbbells or bar bells more efficient and you will achieve fitness goals faster. Also offers    comfort,   functionality,     convenience    and      versatility.

  1. Marcy Olympic Weight Bench for Full Body:

This is a terrific training tool and can increase your overall weight training endurance. The Olympic weight bench serves its purpose because it allows one in a stable and supportive device where training may be performed in a sitting or lying flat position. It allows you to make modifications, so that you can perform your exercise routine focusing on different areas of the body.

It‘s   specifically design so you may develop your abs and other muscles.  Also allows you to add an   attachment  so  that you can perform various exercise.  It’s very solid with strong welds and nice thick cushion covered with good quality vinyl and long lasting.

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