7 Sex Secrets Men Don’t Want You To Know!


Sex for a guy is something we all think we have figured out – but the truth is, fellas may surprise us. Here’s what guys think about sex that may shock you.

He DOES Like Cuddling After Sex!

While guys are pre-programmed to roll over and go to sleep after having sex, they don’t necessarily always want to do just that. In fact, he does like to cuddle every now and then, especially if he’s a married fella. He won’t admit it, but he likes falling asleep holding you in his arms – or at the very least, pressed up against you.

Your warmth, soft skin and scent lull him to sleep better than just about anything else. Keep in mind, however, that this doesn’t apply to one night stands. If he doesn’t know you very well, it’s more likely that he’ll want to get out of the bed afterwards as fast as possible.

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If You’re Confident, He Won’t Notice Your Flaws

Self confidence is everything for a guy when it comes to selecting a woman to date. He’s not going to notice the girl who could be mistaken for a room decoration at a club, he’s going to notice the girl that is out there talking to everyone, even if the woman in the corner is “hotter.”

The same goes for sex – if you’re confident during sex and go in knowing what you want (bonus points if you know how to please him too with a great handjob or blowjob), he’s not going to notice the cellulite on your thighs. In fact, he’s probably not even going to notice the stretch marks on your stomach while you’re riding him – because you’re riding him! Be confident and don’t care about your flaws and he won’t either.

He Doesn’t Like Sex In The Shower OR On The Beach

Shower sex and sex on the beach are actually pretty overrated. While many girls think that guys like doing it in unconventional places – and while it IS true that guys like sex period – the shower and the beach are probably his least favorite places to get busy. Unless you have some serious equipment installed in the shower (we’re talking handlebars, foot rests, etc.) you’re not going to be able to line up well enough for penetration, especially if you’re all slippery from the soap.

And what guy wants sand in his pants? Sure you can bring a blanket and all, but let’s face it – he’s still going to get sand in his ass and so are you. Try doing it in the ocean or just in your bedroom with some lovely white noise ocean sounds playing in the background.

Dirty Talk Is Difficult For Him

While many people think that it’s the ladies that struggle with dirty talk, guys actually struggle with it too. He feels silly saying, “I want you to suck my…” or “I love it when you…” especially if he’s trying to be explicit. Also, he doesn’t know what to call your downstairs area – does he say the P word, or will that make you feel cheap? Does he call it a vagina, or will that make you feel like he’s being clinical? He’d rather avoid this grey area completely and just voice his pleasure with caveman sounds.

Sometimes He Doesn’t Feel Like It

Sure, girls are always the ones getting the bad rap for having “headaches” and foregoing sex for the evening. However, not all guys are horn dogs who want to get it on every single second of every single day. In fact, there are plenty of times that he doesn’t want to do it, and maybe his girl does! He may do it just to appease her or because he feels like he should, but that doesn’t mean he’s always super into it. Sometimes, he’d rather just take an aspirin and go to bed too.

Your Sex Toys Freak Him Out

Truth is, a guy can’t compete with a vibrator that offers 6,000 rpm and incredible clitoral stimulation. He just can’t. Does he know that you appreciate intimacy with him more than a killer orgasm, at least most of the time? Possibly. So keep your sex toys under wraps, especially if you two are new to each other. He doesn’t want you to ask if he can use your g-spot vibrator while he gives you oral sex. He also doesn’t want to see your Rabbit. Just settle for his finger this time.

He Doesn’t Always Want To Try For “Multiple Orgasms”

Multiple orgasms can happen for girls and guys, although it’s a little bit more difficult for guys to achieve this because of the whole ejaculation thing. Many women are under the impression that guys want to have more than one orgasm, or want to give their partners multiple orgasms. They may think that the more orgasms that are had all around, the better the sex is.

Sometimes, he just doesn’t want to shoot for marathon sex. He doesn’t want to try to give you more than one orgasm, and he certainly doesn’t want to try (and probably fail) to have more than one O himself. In fact, if the climaxes are good enough for the both of you, he feels like one should do it. Don’t try to have sex all night long if you sense that your lover would be plenty satisfied with one orgasm. Instead, focus on making that one climax as good as you possibly can.

If you rock his world enough with that one, he’ll be too sensitive and much too tired to continue on. Same goes for you!

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