7 Reasons Why You Need To Start Working Out!


It’s probable that you have been meaning to start your work outs but you just haven’t really found the right routine or even the right motivation for it or maybe you’re just recovering from an injury…

Whatever the excuse is… I’m here to tell that today is the day you start working out!

There are way more benefits of exercising besides losing weight or a achieving that “bikini body”.

Here’s a list of benefits you did not know about exercising:

1) Boost Happiness levels

Studies have found that people who exercised had more pleasant feeling that the ones that didn’t.

These people had shown to be happier on days when they were more physically active than usual.

2) Learn to set – and achieve – goals

By exercising you can discover the power of goal setting. You can do that by committing yourself to reach an exercise milestone and then working out just “how” you’ll achieve it.

Only when you do that you will enjoy the benefits of exercise and the confidence it brings along.

3) Reduce your risk of heart disease

You can reduce your risk of heart diseases naturally by doing exercises. Exercising keeps the doctors away!

4) Sleep better

If you have trouble sleeping, don’t go for sleeping pills, just go for exercising, this way will help you more bright-eyed during the day and bring on sleep at night.

5) Get an energy boost

According to experts, you should exercise when you’re feeling a little exhausted. It’s a little contradictory but it works!

Exercising gives you the percent of energy boost that you need to keep on with the day!

6) Increase strength and flexibility

Strength training helps you improve your muscles strength and muscle mass which is good and important as we age keeping our bones strong a safe from osteoporosis.

Don’t you forget to stretch! It increases your flexibility a lot! This way it makes it easier your everyday tasks sending more blood to your muscles and improving your circulation!

7) Improve memory

In case that you’re constantly miss placing your keys or having some struggle to remember some things, exercising is the best cure for that. Studies have found that sport such as running, swimming, 跑酷, etc, boosts the size of the hippocampus which is the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning!

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