7 Health Benefits Of Drinking Lukewarm Water


Drinking lukewarm water is a strange thing for many people. Cold water is probably preferred by the majority of people. But is it useful to drink lukewarm water and there are many advantages of turning the red faucet instead of the blue?

It may not be good, or even comfortable to drink lukewarm water. However, in a study conducted by My Greens Daily shows that there are several health benefits of drinking lukewarm water. Not only that lukewarm water contains minerals as cold water is missing – here are a few other benefits.

7 Reasons to start drinking lukewarm water


There are more reasons to drink lukewarm water than not to do it. Here we present some of the main reasons why many people choose to skip coffee, tea and cold water in the morning – and instead drink lukewarm water. Most often in combination with lemon or honey.

These are 7 reasons to drink the water lukewarm instead of cold in the morning.

  1. It cleans the digestive system

lukewarm water is widely known to help the body to cleanse toxic elements. Water helps digestion to break down what you eat – in addition to lukewarm water, the food breaks down even faster.

Drinking cold water in connection with meals can make the digestive process slower, which is why doctors often recommend drinking lukewarm or warm water after meals.

If you want to start the day in a healthy way where you cleanse the intestines and accelerate the digestive system – drink lukewarm water. You can also add lemon in it.

  1. It calms your nervous system

Drinking warm water can have a calming effect on you and your body. People who have pain in the body or feel stressed can sometimes find relief by drinking lukewarm water.

  1. It relieves constipation

Water, and especially lukewarm water, acts as a lubricant for your internal organs. The water not only helps the body’s digestion, it also gets the things to pass through the body in a smoother way. One reason for constipation may be dehydration.

Highly warm water helps the body in constipation as it heats the organs and intestines, which can give you an improved bowel movement.

  1. Improved blood circulation

Water cleans the body from poisonous substances, and fat reserves stored in the bloodstream. By eliminating these, you get better blood circulation – which leads to better oxygen intake, which in turn affects the entire body and brain function.


  1. Reduces the risk of dehydration

It does not matter if you drink lukewarm water or cold water, there is still fluid that is absorbed by the body. Therefore, be sure to always drink enough water every day to avoid dehydration.

Some research, however, shows that lukewarm water reduces your thirst, which is not good if you live in a warm climate or at the time of exercise. If you exercise or are out in the sun, you will need to drink water regularly, and then the thirst completes an important function. In addition, it is better to drink cold water than lukewarm in summer day!

  1. Favors weight loss

Water has long been a part of many diets whose purpose is to make you lose weight. Water not only suppresses your appetite, it also helps you to absorb vitamins and minerals. In addition to that, water helps your body get rid of toxic substances, which improves blood circulation and metabolism. Your blood circulation and metabolism will affect your results when you want to lose weight. You can also add green drink supplements like Athletic Greens for enhanced metabolism and overall health benefits. Read this unbiased assessment of Athletic Greens to find out how it can work for you.

  1. Can help in colds

Drinking lukewarm water can help in colds and the formation of mucus in the nose and throat. As you know, lukewarm steam is a cure when you have a sniff when the heat “opens up” and dissolves mucus and poison that accumulates in the nose and throat. Lukewarm water gets the same function when you drink it and is therefore a good addition to other home cures to get rid of the cold.

If you have cold, it is strongly recommended to boil water and drink. This is because of the healing effect, the bacteria that can accumulate in normal tap water are eliminated.

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