5 Creative Ways to make Foreplay More Enjoyable for your Woman


Foreplay isn’t something you just rush in to do as it takes some tender loving care. So for those who probably think foreplays are enjoyed by women alone, something is amiss as men do enjoy it too. In fact, both parties can really enjoy it provided they do it right. Moreover, it’s your green ticket to taking pleasures in orgasms.

  1. Appearance matters: This is one of the preliminary tips to making your foreplay count for your woman. How do you intend to take your foreplay to the next level when you look haggard? A man would give more preference to the outlook of a woman as he’s a visual being and a woman reciprocates the feeling too. Hence, for more build up of a sexual tension, it’s essential to look at your best. Give all to your appearance.
  2. Dirty talks: Whether you like it or not, talking dirty is a true and trusted way to make you wet. And to strengthen this, it’s not all about using raw languages or vague statements on/with your partner as what you need is a true understanding of each other. Talk about what turns her on and make her realize that you’ll do all that’s possible to ensure her satisfaction.
  3. Kissing: This is the King of all foreplays despite the erroneous thinking of some people that it’s a boring act. This foreplay technique when done with passion, in the right manner and with the perfect intensity could lead to an incredulously hot sex. In fact, it’s a foreplay that you must be willing to compete for when it comes to initiation as it’s the source of a woman’s greatest erotic pleasure.
  4. Touches and Massage: Remember that it’s not just the kissing/licking that takes you to the paradise of sex but also the maneuvers of your hands when it comes to touching and massaging. Employ your finger tips to caress each other right from the scalp, cheeks, ear lobes, nape of the neck, upper thighs until you both get saturated. This great warm-up can also take the form of a feet massage, heel kneading, toe stretching and involve her center point of gravity just as a means of placing her on a platform of ecstasy. Just touch and massage every area you can as a means of improving the quotient of your foreplay.
  5. Take it Easy: At this juncture, especially when working on her honey pot, it’s advisable to keep it cool with the clitoris and its hood as that’s where your attention is right now. The clitoris loves to be focused upon but prefers to be teased. So, if you want to experience what she’ll feel like with some clitoral flicks, then maybe you should start looking forward to servicing her down there in any awesome pattern you can think of. You can even decide to lick and suck gently on it a bit just as you rub her clitoral hood and smooch her labia.
  6. Warm Hug: The heating power of a warm hug shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to making a woman simmer. Giving her a warm hug is a cute play for sex with the one she cherishes.
  7. Become Lovesick: Playing to be lovesick at times help to improve the health of a relationship and to turn a woman on as she feels the butterflies are still alive in you. She’ll like to experience your refreshed sweetness and you can achieve that by leaving romantic/love notes around the house – anywhere and everywhere that she has access to within the house. Such notes can also include statements indicating the unique reasons why you love her and those that thank her for what she has done or is doing. It’s guaranteed that she’ll appreciate you back in the night.

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