5 Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Give You a Beautiful Smile


There are several cosmetic dental procedures which can arrange a pretty smile on your face. Smile is a simple act to show our kindness to other people. But, not all people can do it as simple as that due to some problems. One of them is the fact they have teeth issues which lower their confidence to smile. The issues are like yellowish teeth, crooked teeth, or even toothless. If you have such matters, then you might need one of the following dental procedures.

  1. Whitening

One of the main problems people have with their teeth is the yellowish look. For your information, color-changing teeth is a normal problem. Some experts said that it is as a result of drug consumption, drinking coffee, smoking, or even natural cause like age factor. Nonetheless, it is still a big matter to some of us, especially when we want to smile. Teeth whitening is quite simple to do. We even can do it ourselves at home. We only need to smear hydrogen peroxide gel to our teeth with permitted dose. We suggest you to take the procedure at a cosmetic dental clinic first, and then continue it with daily routine at home. By that, you can get and maintain your sparkling white teeth.


  1. Veneer

Veneer is a procedure to cover the imperfection of your teeth, either it is color or shape. This treatment involves a layer made of porcelain and attach it to the problematic tooth. However, you can only get porcelain veneers when your teeth are totally healthy. If there is an infection going on, then you must treat it first beforehand. Furthermore, besides covering the flaw, this procedure is able to give you a unique-looking teeth as well like bunny teeth.

  1. Straightening

Do your teeth have such disorganized structure? If you do, then the treatment you need is teeth straightening. It is also known as orthodontics. When we take this procedure, the dentist will attach braces to our teeth. The purpose of the braces is to stabilize the position of every single tooth we have. In the end, we will have one beautiful set of teeth. But, to get that result, the braces must stay in our mouth for a certain period of time until the dentist takes it off. It may not feel comfortable during the application, but just think of the result you will achieve.


  1. Crown Lengthening

Some people feel they have ugly smile because of their gum. When they smile, the gum looks more striking than the teeth. Consequently, they seem to have reddish smile instead of sparkling white smile. To solve that, you can take crown lengthening. The dentist will perform a minor mouth surgery and remove the exessive gum tissue. It aims to show the teeth more than the gum.

  1. Thineer

Thineer is actually similar with veneer, but they are still different to each other. Thineer has no grinding process at all. In addition, the layer is much thinner than veneer. That’s how it got the name ‘thineer’ or ‘thin veneer’. The function of it is to fill every corner of teeth which seems loosening. Since it is still a new technology, only top cosmetic dentists with high-quality skills can perform this treatment.

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