3 Tips To Successfully Cope With Heart Attack


For some people it is crucial to know when they are in presence of a heart attack due to their over having one, but also it is important to know how to recognize them and what to do in order to react better when in presence of them.

1. Recognize the symptoms

There are some symptoms, some more obvious than others, that could let people know when a heart attack is just happening. The common symptoms of a heart attack may include: chest discomfort that and pressure feelings, long and repeated squeezing pain in the chest, pain, and discomfort that takes chest as well as some other parts of the upper body, tension in arms, back, neck, stomach, teeth, and jaw.

Also, a heart attack may be in progress when one feels unexplained shortness of breath, either with or without chest discomfort, sudden cold sweats, nausea or vomiting with no reason, anxiety, and unexplained fatigue. It is also known that women are more likely than men to have additional issues, just like pain in the center of neck, and shoulder, or abdominal pain.

2. Be ready with handy tools

There is one element that is the best example on this matter and it is a defibrillator. A device may not be very easy to use for some people as they are not familiarized with it, but it may be vital in situations in which people have heart problems.

Medicine, along with science and technology, has worked hard to make improvements in it, making it easier to use and more manageable in moments of short time to think. In Europe such equipment is very famous and common to see around, in France they call it defibrillateur cardiaque and they have done a great job in making everyone know more about it and also of easy access when presence of risk of heart attacks.

3. Have emergency numbers more than at hand

Finally, prevention is the key to everything. Once you have the knowledge on the quick reaction and some tools that can help you out, the rest is to have at hand the numbers and addresses of the professionals to call and places to go in order to continue with the treatment that must be done immediately on a heart attack event.

Do not hesitate anymore and get everything you need in order to know how to react and do it successfully during an event of emergency. These elements are vital and they can easily save a life and be the ones that can make a heart to continue breathing.

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