12 Running Tips for Women- Part 3


Tip 9: Eat red meat and lentils

Iron deficiency is not uncommon in runners. This iron is very important for oxygen transport in endurance During performance.

Studies indicate did more than half of all runners suffer from iron deficiency. This causes fatigue and poor endurance performance: As a result blood can not transport oxygen to the working muscles quickly enough. The main cause of iron deficiency is an insufficient iron intake in the diet.

There is a simple solution: Eat lean red meat and dark poultry meat. The body can absorb iron present in red meat very well. For better absorption of iron from plant sources is the simultaneous intake of vitamin C, for example, a glass of orange juice , is recommended. As a result, the absorption of iron is thus improved for vegetarians. In addition Lentils are also rich in iron.

Tip 10: The sports bra is part of the skiing equipment

A well-fitting sports bra is a must for any runner. Not only that, it is important for the connective tissue, it is much more pleasant to be in sports bra.

Special bras for runners provide much more support than everyday bras. Although sports bras sit a little closer, but no runner should refrain even with a smaller bust. The chest has namely no separate support system, no muscles. With a secure BH it runs better without relaxing the chest.

Tip 11: Use your agility on trails in the terrain

Running women falls on the ground much easier if they don’t know about body balance.

The center of gravity is lower in women than their male colleagues in runners. This promotes their agility and also has advantages in the body balance – both properties, which makes them suitable for running on trails. Therefore, you can get used to more  challenging terrain, without overloading yourself.

Tip 12: Counter your menstrual cramps.

A healthy diet and plenty of water are important to counteract menstrual cramps.

Well-trained runners seem to have fewer problems with menstrual periods than non-athletes, and a light workout may even counteract abdominal pain. You should make sure that you drink a lot because that accumulates during menstruation due to salt water deposits in the body during the period in any case. In addition, a quality breakfast is now more important than ever, as well as the caloric needs during the period increases.

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