10 Things You DIDN’T Know About SEX!


 Sex is pretty cut and dry, right? Wrong! There are tons of things about getting it on that you probably don’t know – are YOU savvy when it comes to sex – or not?

1. You And Your Partner Can Be A “Mismatch”

A penis doesn’t always fit into a vagina perfectly. Yes, they’re generally “made to fit together,” but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, a man can be much smaller than a woman, resulting in reduced pleasure for both of them because his penis is too small to stimulate the walls of his partner’s vagina.

Also, a man can be too large for a woman, resulting in pain or discomfort for her. A vagina is made to stretch, but there’s only so much  in there. A vagina double in length when a woman is aroused (from about 4″ long to about 8″) but there are still some men who are substantially larger than this.

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2. A Woman’s Orgasms Can (And Will) Outnumber A Man’s

It’s no secret that women can have multiple orgasms. But did you know that it’s possible for a girl to have a pretty much unlimited number of climaxes? That’s right. Most men have one and they’re extremely lucky to get two, but that’s pretty rare even for the pros.

However, a girl can climax again and again during sex, simply because she never goes all the way back down to square one after she reaches orgasm, unless she stops all pleasure completely and waits for her “oven to cool off,” so to speak. The female orgasm is similar to an oven, where it takes quite some time to warm up and reach temperature, but also a significant amount of time to cool down. While the oven is “hot,” she can climax over and over!

3. Confidence Will Make You Look Sexier

Confidence matters much, much more than what you look like or anything you wear. Both women and men become instantly more attractive when the show a good amount of confidence in themselves, because frankly, a low self esteem isn’t very becoming on anyone.

Forget about donning the lingerie for sex – just go in and strut your stuff. Care less about your cellulite or stray body hairs and care more about awesome foreplay and incredible orgasms. Have confidence in not only your hotness, but also your ability to please your partner and experience pleasure yourself.

4. Regular Sex Will Improve Your Immune System

During sex, our bodies release a antibody called immunoglobulin-A, which can help fight off illnesses like the flu or the common cold. Regular sex can produce quite a bit of this antibody, which can help you stay healthier during cold and flu season. Did you really need another reason to snuggle up when it’s cold outside and get it on?

5. Women Fall Asleep After Sex Too

That is, if the sex was any good. If a woman is really and truly satisfied after sex (after having one or more orgasms), then she’s going to be dog tired too. It’s true that men get the bad rap for falling asleep after sex when the girls just want to talk or cuddle, but if the nookie really was that stellar, both parties are going to be out like a light in minutes.

6. Sex Is Better In Long Term Relationships

While casual sex is fun in and of itself, sex can get REALLY hot in a long term relationship or a marriage. Sure, you’ve heard the opposite, that the desire begins to wane after you’ve been with someone for a significant period of time. This, however, isn’t always the case.

Sex in a long term relationship can be super hot if you make it that way! Monogamy tends to create a feeling of safety and comfort between two people, where new and exciting fantasies can be tried without the fear of judgement or criticism. Basically, you can start doing those things you always fantasized about, but would never tell someone you just met.

7. Orgasms Relieve Menstrual Cramps In Women

Most women don’t want to have sex on their periods, but it can actually be very beneficial if you can get over the “yuck” factor. Just lay a towel down and hop in the shower afterwards. Believe it or not, a good orgasm can produce enough endorphins to help relieve menstrual cramps better than over the counter pain medicine.

Also, during an orgasm, the uterus will contract, helping to shed more of the inner lining at once. Getting the lining out quicker, so to speak, will help your period become shorter and lighter in the coming days.

8. Medications Can Be Responsible For A Lowered Sex Drive

If you have experienced a dip in your sex drive (or your partner has), take a look at what’s inside your medicine cabinet. Anti-depressants and anti-psychotics are notorious for causing both men and women to desire sex less. Other medications for blood pressure, diabetes and more can cause a decreased libido as well. If you’re struggling with your sexual desire and you take any kind of medications, you may want to check with your doctor about a change in meds. Never switch medications or stop them without your doctor’s clearance first.

9. Men Only Ejaculate About A Teaspoon – But Girls Can Ejaculate Much More!

When a man ejaculates, it may seem like a lot of fluid is coming out because it comes out in so many spurts. However, a man really will only ejaculate about a teaspoon of semen, give or take a little. Women can ejaculate also, but they can ejaculate much, much more than just a teaspoon of fluid! It takes some practice and some women are never able to do it, but many girls can ejaculate LOTS of fluid during sex or masturbation. That’s why they call it “squirting!”

10. It’s Normal To Have “Strange” Sex Fantasies

If you think your sex fantasies are weird, or no one else has them and you’re just a freak, think again! There are SO many sexual fantasies out there in almost every flavor you can imagine (and some that would never cross your mind).

Rest assured that odds are, someone else out there likes what you like sexually, regardless of how strange it might seem. It’s also completely normal for odd sexual things to flit across your mind now and then, even if you would never, ever consider doing something like that in real life.

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